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RAMS (2015)

1hr 35 min

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Emotionally complex and stunning, quirky Icelandic comedy drama.

by Film Critic Luke Ryan Baldock, The Hollywood News  8.2/10

Set in Iceland, we follow Gummi (Sigurour Sigurjonsson), a sheep farmer prepping his best 
for a local sheep contest that his rival sheep farmer brother, Kiddi (Theodor Juliusson),

 has also entered but whom have not spoken to each other in 40 years. Their fragile relationship

is stretched even further when Gummi discovers that Kiddi’s sheep may be infected with a

disease that could wipe out all the sheep in the valley, the setting for a bitter sweet tragedy.


 Writer/Director Grimur Hakonarson’s ‘Rams’ brings a bizarrely heart warming dark comedy

of sibling rivalry and family ties. He also does an amazing job at blending some unexpected

genres into the mix. When part of the clean-up team needs to enter Gummi’s house and the

sheep hiding in his basement make noise, what follows is a memorable sequence shot like a

terrifying and nerve wracking thriller. If Hitchcock had made a film about desperate acts of

saving Icelandic sheep farming, this scene would have made the cut.


When not breaking your heart, Hakonarson’s tight script is making you laugh. It’s the simple
visual touches that cause the most hearty chuckles, such as Gummi and Kiddi only communicating
through messages delivered by Kiddi’s dog.  The humor keeps the film from becoming 
depressing, as well as giving us a lovely portion of hope in the process.

‘Rams’ is a miniature masterpiece that keeps things restrained, entertaining, and emotional.
The scenery may be hypnotic but we never take our eyes off the humans.  Glorious cinematography
and a powerful climax that utilizes blistering sound design, shoving you straight in the middle
of the action, all equating to a technically astute, emotionally affecting, and well-edited film
that is the perfect length.  


A fantastic film that deserves your attention.


Rotten Tomatoes 95%       IMDB 7.2/10     1hr 35 min



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