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Returning to the Big Screen soon!

 As most everyone seems to be getting out and about this summer, we will suspend on-line viewing as we continue to look for a physical location for showing our incredible films on the big screen. 

Look for ticket announcement on May 17

A Very Short Trailer

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Discussion to follow at Kate's outside deck
on May 26, 2021 at 5:30pm. 

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Rebuilding Our Film Arts Community, safely.





Rental prices will be $12. Customers will have access Mar 15-22 2021  Once rented, and 72 hours once you start watching through the Eventive platform.

Click on "Unlock Now"; it means “rent”.  New users will have to create an Eventive account (there’s a prompt to enter your email address and create a password)
. For customers who require assistance for
this or any other matter, please go to Eventive's FAQ and live chat support:


Some of you may have accessed Eventbrite Pictures platform
to pay for a past film, either through Magick Lantern or other
web sites.  Some users who did not recall their userid/password
had difficulties entering their site; please review their list of
suggestions to help you if that occurs. We can not assist you
in this process but only to tell you to get to their help page,


We hope you enjoy the film, Take Our Survey, and return for the


Zoom Discussion to follow about a week later, TBA.  
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"Every Brilliant Thing"


Available on-line Jan 11 - Sunday, Jan 17, 2021


This film will be available for 72 hours of viewing after payment




This film will NOT be available to view after Jan 17, 2021



ZOOM Film Discussion to follow 

Monday Jan 18 @ 6pm for 45 min



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NOTE:  The film previously advertised, Some Kind of Heaven, will not be shown.  We regret any inconvenience this may have caused. 

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In Partnership with the

City of Richmond Community Services

   We need at least 15 pre-paid ticket holders on the Thursday before the date of the movie to know if we can afford to present most films.

Waiting until the day of the show to purchase your ticket may end up in our canceling the film if we have insufficient attendance.

Many volunteers also commit their time on the day

of the show to lend their help.

Your advance ticket purchase is needed to ensure Magick Lantern

can continue to show these films.

See you at the movies!


Your pre-paid tickets keeps

Magick Lantern open.

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