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Many films have been made possible through the

generous donation

of at least one person in the audience. 

With fewer volunteers, the need for paid help and the higher cost of film licensing, your donations will help to build a reserve to financial stability. 

The more recently released films come with a  more costly the film license, even for  small,

non-theatrical events like

Magick Lantern!!

For those who have the ability

please consider making a


for a

Contribution Letter  from

Magick Lantern, a 501c(3) organization. 

We thank you!

Donations made by check can be mailed to or dropped off at:

115 Buena Vista Ave

Pt Richmond, CA 94801

510-232-2559 Opt #3


Click Below To Make

A Donation by

Credit Card

Please add $5.00 for credit card service fees.

Thank You!
See you at the movies!

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