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Movies: As a community-operated movie theater, Magick Lantern screens recently released independent and international films, documentaries, and classic films in an effort to appeal to a wide range of community interests.


Programming:  Magick Lantern staff screen films from current and past film festivals, as well as requests and suggestions made from patrons; program selections are made to be consistent with the educational mission.


Education/Mission: Filmmakers and film educators from the Bay Area and beyond are invited to lead audiences in pre- and post-viewing in the style of Q & A discussions.   Media-literacy through the art of film is Magick Lantern's primary mission.


Community: Point Richmond as a destination town for viewing unique films, post-film discussion, and sharing of cultural values and ideas, all with people of the community that residents might otherwise may never get to know.  Viewing recently released movies at home was considered a unique opportunity but ultimately it only serves to isolate us from the very people and organizations that create culture in our own town.


Sponsorship: Businesses and local organizations are offered the chance to participate and support the cultural activity of its residents through Magick Lantern's venue.


Artistic: Offer young and new filmmakers a place to showcase their work as well as site for other visual and performing artist to perform. 

Location: Magick Lantern operates in partnership with the City of Richmond Community Services Department for the use of the Point Richmond Community Center multi-purpose room to show films once per month.  Currently the Center will be fitted with a new window shutter system to control the amount of light entering through the large roof-top window during spring/summer months.  Once the installation is complete, the program can be operated year round without the interference of excessive light into the room.




We Need Your Help

Why support Magick Lantern?


Point Richmond is a historic small town by the Bay with a large group of residents interested in a broad array of the arts, and many of them movie lovers.  Until recently, a movie theater of the same name fulfilled the need for a movie alternative to the commercial movie-plexes with the driving, parking, and safety problems of cities in Marin, Berkeley, and Richmond.  Unfortunately, the theater closed down.    After researching the East Bay and Marin movie-going demographics and tastes, and after calculating costs, we believe we can make a go of it as a community endeavor.


We have formed alliances with the Point Richmond organizations and numerous local businesses have promised to support the opening of the Magick Lantern to make it a success.

How can you support Magick Lantern?

We are always looking for volunteers to help with set up and take down along with small things during the film. But the best way for you to help us is to come and watch the film. We love seeing you there and we promise you will have an entertaining evening filled with good company and snacks.  If you'd like to be a part in a bigger way we are always looking for new members, donors and sponsors.


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