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Donors and Members

Founder's Circle:  $1,000 +

Pt Richmond Neighborhood Assoc.

Nancy Benson


Angels: $500 - $999

Sponsors:  $100 - $499

Peter Thelin

Margi Sullivan

Cindy Valentine

Constance Finley

Diane Bloom

Elizabeth Cobey

Garry and Maryn Hurlbut

George Moss

Jan Diamond M.D.

Kathleen Olival

Margaret Jordan

Michael Parker

Muriel Linhart

Paula Asmus for Pt Richmond Optometry

Robert Goshay

Rosemary Corbin

Steve Birnbaum

Steven Mark Mantelle

Suzanne Gordon

Women's Westside Improvement Club


Patrons:  $50 - $99

B.  June Hight

Caroline Kosovac

Suellen Barnett

Evelyn Ashcroft

KA Burr Amaro

Leslie Cameron

Chrissie Bradley

Carol Longergan


Gifts:  $5 - $49

Cindy Valentine

Cynthia Kiberlin

Dhupinder Singh for Pt Richmond Market and Deli

Francis Loziere

Frank Wabiszewski

Karin Roos

Kieu Thuong T Truong for Kristina's NailSpa

Laura Tran

Linda Newton

M J Hill

Nancy Kemper

Robin and Mark Wilson

Ruthanne Barulich & James Dingle

Sandra& Ted Joseph

Thra Smith

Diana Lafaurie




Subscriber (S) & Working Members (W)

Angela HIll (Hunnicut)

Bill Schwimmer (S)

Brooke Deterline(S)

Cynthia Kiberlin (W)

Debra Lurie (S)

Elizabeth Tarr (S)

Faith Miller (S)

Frank Wabiszeski (S)

Jane Carnall (W)

Joseph Botkin (W)

Karin Roos (S)

Kathleen Goldin (W)

Laura Craig (S)

Mary Lee Cole (S)

Mary Mullin (W)

Michael Lee (W)

Robin Wilson (S)

Ruthanne Barulich (S)

Stephanie Spadaccini (W)

Vann Ferber (S)

Agnes Bauman (S)


Founder's Circle

For business donors there are several levels of participation so please contact us to see how you can become part of the most exciting community project in a long time.

The Founding circle Members are those whose donations begin at $1,000 and will significantly contribute to the founding of Magick Lantern.

Discover how you can support Magick Lantern and reach out to the residents of Richmond and the East Bay.


Founding Circle Member


Point Richmond Neighborhood Council

For further information on becoming a donor to Magick Lantern

Call Kate Spaulding at 510-232-2559 or write us at:


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