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Saturday October 8
First United Methodist Church
201 Martina St (W. Richmond)

7:00 - 7:15 Members & Guests priority seating

7:16 - 7:30 General Admission $15
Credit Card on-line to 5 pm day of film or cash at door



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A teenage gymnast is forced to leave Kyiv as violence breaks
out in Ukraine, as she and her family’s lives are threatened 
by the ruling regime.  An intense portrait of personal obsession 
of a young girl is set at the time of 2013’s Maidan Uprising, 
“Olga” anticipates so much of the current situation in Ukraine
where people are united against corruption and violence, 
successfully ousting then Russian-friendly president Viktor 
Yanukovych, though the story takes place mostly in Switzerland. 


Even before Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion, “Olga” was an 
incredibly strong film, but now, this film’s release should be 
considered essential viewing for art-house audiences. Olga has 
the unique chance to train in Switzerland until things cool down. 
Except, history being what it is, things we learn in the most 
dramatic possible way just how extreme the problem inUkraine is.   


Things are about to heat up as never before, creating an 
incredibly difficult situation for Olga to navigate:a mix of 
patriotism and personal ambition. No teenage girl should have 
to split her attention between her passion and worrying about
the safety of her mother back home (who’s being targeted by 
Yanukovych allies) and fate of her country. 


But this is essentially the same thing so many Ukrainians are 
going through again today. And none of her new gymnast peers can 
possibly imagine what’s going on for her, making her feel all the 
more alone and frustrated in her new environment. 


Unable to do anything to support her loved ones in Ukraine, 
Olga grows increasingly desperate. All her life, Olga has 
wanted nothing more than an Olympic medal. Her climactic 
choice is more than a sacrifice; it’s the most powerful 
statement she can make.


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