Annual Memberships

November - June


kCost of films have been rising.  Starting with the September 2019 show pre-show General Admission prices will be raised from $10 to $11.


Day of Show General Admission prices remain for now at $12.

**To keep Magick Lantern alive and well, we are hoping

to create a more consistent patron basis. 


Memberships will now be offered at $80.00 for 8 shows Nov-June, giving 1-2 shows free depending on the general admission price!!  This makes each show a value at $10.00 including any pro-rated purchase!! 


NOTE: Membership does not exclude those who prefer to pay on a

month-to-month basis.



Membership guarantees you a prepaid seat at a lower price per show than General Admission. 

Even if you miss a couple shows it’s still a bargain for what’s provided.  In addition, remember that you are supporting our non-profit film society; promoting the best in the cinematic arts to our community!


Click on this link, membership form 

●    It will open in a  ‘FILLABLE’ pdf form

●    It may then be printed   




●    MAIL or drop off the FORM with a CHECK  to:   115 Buena Vista Ave., Pt Richmond, CA  94801, or

●    FAX FORM to: (510) 236-2566,  or

●    EMAIL  FORM at:

●    CALL: (510) 232-2559 to request our help in completing a FORM



NOTE:  A service fee of $3.75 will be added automatically for each individual membership

purchased with a Credit Card.

 Your Membership will be activated when your MEMBERSHIP FORM is submitted along with payment.

CALL FOR ASSISTANCE:  (510) 232-2559




* An annual membership purchased for any number of months from September 2019 through June 2020.  That's 1 show for free compared to the cost of $11 per show, and 2 shows for free compared to the cost of $12 per show.


Memberships purchased after the September show date can be pro-rated (see chart below).

* Members do NOT have to notify Magick Lantern of their attendance. 

We assume members will attend each show. 



* If you can't make the show in any given month, you can send someone in your place.  Simply have the person using your membership to check in at the Ticket Counter, providing your full name.

* However, if you can not make a show and no one is sent in your place, please contact us at your earliest convenience to release your seat for the General Admission.

* Members can RESERVE seats for their Guests ahead of the show, as space permits.

Members can email at or call 510-232-2559

* Guest Tickets are purchased at the rate for the General Admission.


Your Membership Dues (pro-rated) at $80.00 per person

is available from now for 8 movies

through the day of the November 15 movie.


Memberships may be
pro-rated if you join on or after the dates below:



  Show     Sept 20       Oct 18      Nov 15       Dec 13        Jan 17        Feb 21      Mar 20       Apr 17      May 15      June 19


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For those who have the ability above and beyond the regular dues -- to help our non-profit foster the cinematic arts in our community.   Please consider an additional, tax-deductible donation for a Contribution Letter from Magick Lantern, a 501c(3) organization.

Donations made by check can be sent or dropped off at:

115 Buena Vista Ave

Pt Richmond, CA 94801


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