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New Location


Pt Richmond Community Center 

139 Washington Avenue, 
Pt Richmond, CA 94801




Street view of the front enterence to Magick Lantern.
Front door to Magick Lantern
Front Entrance next to the Library
      In the beginning....we found an old screen at a church sale.
       Repairs made to the screen,
thanks to City of Richmond
        Maintenance Dept !
Magick Lantern in the begining.
Magick Lantern in the begining.
Volunteers raising the movie screen.
Volunteers raising the 14 foot screen
Surround Carpeting helps sound-proofing
Making the room better acoustics.
Full house, every seat filled.
Full House for Wild Tales
New Comfy Seat Cushions !
Improving for comfort, seat cushions for all!
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